Friday, October 30, 2015

For this I have Jesus - Mini Blog

Nearly 6 years ago a heavy clothing rack fell and its large, pointed metal arm landed on my shoulder and damaged my trapezius muscle. I'm reminded of the injury when I reach the wrong way, when I try to carry to much weight with that arm, when I get stressed out and sometymes on cold, rainy days. 

On this cold rainy day, I am feeling stressed and I reached the wrong way when trying to lift too much...the quadfecta. Ouch.

Recently though, I read a Daily Bread entry where a lady suffered greatly in many areas of life. When asked how she got through her struggles, her reply was, "for this, I have Jesus".

I don't think she'll mind if we borrow her mantra. A good day or a troublesome day, for it we have Jesus to thank or on which to lean. For this, I thankfully have Jesus.

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