Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Forever It Will Be

A sky of stars so crisp and clear, it seems to be in reach

As I from out my window peer and to The Lord beseech

My burdens seem so many and so heavy seems my load

I long for help, if any, for so lonesome seems my road

But I am just one tiny speck in a world so vastly grand

How can He keep with me in check, I do not understand

Yet still I know that He is there, no matter where I roam

And He will both my burdens bear and see me safely home

And though at tymes I feel forlorn, the course I will maintain

For what awaits will soon adorn and erase all hint of pain

And knowing thus will see me through whatever lies afore

‘Twill brighten every day anew and grant peace evermore

For though I cannot comprehend the love He has for me

I know ‘tis true and ‘twill not end, forever it will be

© L.D. Kirklin