Friday, October 30, 2015

Clearing the Fog from Your Joy - Mini Blog

When everything seems to be going wrong and we feel lost and confused, it's easy to let something like work or a project become the tangiable thing on which we place our main focus. In doing so, we allow the actions and words of other people to control us. 

That's been happening to me lately. Today when I relayed a situation to a friend and asked for prayer, my friend reminded me that when your main focus is blurring your joy, it's difficult to see anything clearly. 

So I thought about it and what it is that I've unable to see in my fog filled existence. Joy. Hope. Peace. Then I remembered, yet again, that God is joy. God is Hope. God is Peace. I put my focus on Him and, like a veil, the fog lifted and my vision cleared. 

God calls us to be kind and do our best, not to the expectations of others, but to His. 

Every now and then we'll have a Foggy Morning Breakdown, but the important thing to remember when it happens, is we have the power to let The Son shine in!

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