Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Mini Blog: Blending in or Standing Out

A Perspective shot and a Mini Blog Post

This apple blossom is about the size of a quarter. When it was up in the tree with all the other quarter sized apple blossoms it didn't stand out, however when it was removed from the cluster and looked at closely, it became a beautiful focal point and the center of a project.

Sometymes in life we blend in and it seems we have little purpose in the grand scheme of things, but other tymes we are singled out and examined closely because we are called to God's purpose and we are placed in the exact spot God needs us to be.

The truth is, the cluster in which we blended looks different without us, meaning we DID make a difference while we were there. The spot in which we are put however becomes a better and brighter place, because we are the exact lamp God needs to shine His Light in and on that situation.

So whether it feels like you are blending in or standing out remember, you have a purpose and you can make a difference. For as long as The Son shines in you, The Son will shine out of you and others will see The Way.

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